Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No. Just, no.

No promising relationship is going to begin with “hi”. I just feel that nothing good will ever come of that lack of a sentence. Unless your follow up message is “sorry I was just so stunned by your awesomeness I was rendered temporarily speechless, except for one sad ‘hi’”, but I normally don’t get that follow up so…then it gets awkward.

Things that make me uncomfortable:

When 41 year old men send me messages. 1) just when they send me messages in general 2) when they say things like “hope ur doin well”…I was doing well until you sent me sadness in the form of an OKcupid message…also, if you feel the need to follow said message up with “im 41”…then I think we both see the issue.  Also, when he wasn’t using “ur” HE WAS USING YOUR INSTEAD OF YOU’RE which equals an IMMEDIATE NO. No. Never. I. Refuse. I do have some standards! I love the English language and I don’t know why so many of our online man friends hate it. It’s upsetting.

Things people should keep to themselves:

I'm sure he gets sooo many dates by calling NC women snobby bitches…I can’t with idiots, and he’s quite clearly an idiot. (As a side note: Never thought I'd be sooo proud to be part of the 1%!!!)

He also screamed at me the entire time I read his profile…it appears he’s had some problems…:

Like why are you yelling at me? Was this one of those caps lock was turned on and he didn’t know how to turn it off deals or was he just screaming at me to scream? It also would seem like he does NOT want me to respond to him…we all know my only thoughts about this are: he needs a hobby AND a friend.

Finally, this happened:

He clearly missed the point, and I don’t have the energy to explain.